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And in this episode, the Author sucks it up and deals

It is Thursday.
Rolling thundershowers knocked out the power to the house, so the children and I played card games. The power returned 12, and my children lost interest in the flopping of cards. My son is drawing. My daughter is reading Larklight. My love is asleep at the moment, fatigued from the heat and her medications. I am left to my own devices, at the moment. I ponder the evening meal, tweak a mechanic for a game, wait until my youngest arrives home from daycare, eat a banana, and focus on all the things that have gone right as of late.

Much of this electronic flotsam, this temple I built to honor my own ego, has been used, as of late, as a laundry line for my minuscule misfortunes. For that I apologize, and shall no longer use this space as my personal pity pool. Chronicling misfortune is a waste of not just my time, but yours. I've been wasting too much time lately. That is a habitual mistake that I will no longer indulge in.
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Duck Soup, Firefly, Freedonia

And in this Episode, Father's Day is Saved....

Thanks to bloodkitty!!!
Things have calmed down a bit here at the Wombat Cave.
Right now I'm here waiting to hear from the repair shop about the Bean. The battery was drained, but fine. That means it's either the alternater or the starter (See what happens?).
But I am going to Heroes Con this Weekend, with a copy of Mouseguard, the Complete Bone, God Loves Man Kills, and the first 52 issues of New Mutants!
(Yes, I have every issue of New Mutants and therefor, I am a geek.)
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And in this episode Atomisk & his Mate explore the world of bipedal travel

Took Kelli to the Doctor today. She still isn't over whatever it was that laid her low.
My goal, this evening, was to run out and get Ice Cream for her since her throat is so sore from coughing.
And then the Bean would not start. Our car battery has given up the ghost. At least I'm not replacing a starter, right? Well lucky for me I had that Heroes Con money put away, so we can afford the battery. So much for meeting childhood idols. On the upside, I'm not going to be fighting or paying for parking in downtown.
...I am going to make some lemonade now.
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This is the week that will not just goes on and on my friends....

I & my wife would first like to thank all of you for all your well wishes.
Folks, It has been a rough one.
Kelli's mom did not have a a heart attack, but had an allergic reaction to the medications the hospital was using to chemically induce a stress test. She is in a wheelchair, and cannot walk. She had a sever allergic reaction to the medication. She came home Saturday.

Saturday we got a call from my Wife's family. We had to come to South Carolina and help with the last minute funeral arrangements, like writing a eulogy. We had planned on going out to Big Mamma's that night, but our Babysitter, my sister, dropped over of the plague and ended up in the emergency room Saturday Night.

So Sunday that is what we did, or rather that is what Kelli and her sister tried to do while I babysat my Nephew. I put in my two cents, and sent the entire circus to a crashing hault. Yeah, I'm good.

Today was the funeral. Kelli got up and promptly fell back over. Whatever Kathy had, now Kelli has. We made it through the funeral. She is in bed right now. The earliest she can be seen is tomorrow. I think that her sister is mad that we left right after the graveside service.

This week I can't win for losing.
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An addendum to my last post

My cousin has stabilized. I even talked to him for a few minutes. He is going to be ok.
I take the wife out to lunch to calm us both down, and we get a call from her dad.
Kelli's mom had a heart attack. We don't know much. Her dad is on the way to the hospital.
Yeah, when it rains it pours.
I need a beer.
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A Much Needed Moment of Joy

It has been a week. An amazingly long, rough week, and it is not letting up. The last two days have been particularly nasty. A death on Kelli's side of the family, and from all reports we are counting the hours until my eldest cousin passes. He had a massive heart attack this morning. We got the call as I was taking the kids to summer camp. Yeah, this week is fired...out of a cannon...into a brick wall!

So my wife, gods love her, found something to help cheer me up. I thought I would share

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...and a Wuxia Western with Geoffrey Rush blowing up Ninjas with a Rifle.
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And in this episode Atomisk ponders the nature of endings and beginnings...

...not as such but it does have a bit of dramatic flare, does it not?
At the moment I am ensconced in the Wombat Cave suffering from a touch of the Con Crud.
More than a touch actually. I have been out of commission for a majority of the day with a nasty cough and steady fever.
As you may have heard from the love of my life (or actually encountered me in the flesh), I was at ConCarolinas. The con itself was lovely, and the new venue has breathed new life into our local convention. At the same time they were burring my great-grandmother in the far reaches of the North Carolina mountains. While, in the broadest sense, I had a good time, the weekend has left me questioning a great many things. I suppose it is only natural to search for your bearings and ponder life when one of the cornerstones of one's existence ceases to be. Still, as my grandmother might say, sometimes in life it is better to have questions than answers. Seeking the truth keeps us honest.
So here is to seeking; may I find the truth rather than the answers.
Now if you excuse me, I am going to take a long, hot shower.
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